Rewards (2)
  1. Enjoy higher Gomybos rewards cash on every successful referral you make. 
  2. Get unlimited Gomybos referral cash in your bank account.
  3. Refer your friends & get  ₹100 / successful referral.
  4. Your friend also gets  ₹100 too in his / her bank account.
  5. Your friend & you both will earn total ₹200.
  6. Claim your referral amount within 30 days from the booking date by using friend’s buy nug weed referral code

# How can I get the Gomybos referral code?

First, you have to fill-up the “Get Your Referral Code” form & after the successful submission, you will get one “Unique Code” in your provided E-mail within 2 business days.

# How can I get the Gomybos referral amount in my Bank Account?

When you will share your referral code with your friend, your friend will use your referral code as per terms & conditions, then both will earn ₹100 & will get their own bank account.

  1. This rewards program is eligible for flight booking only. It can be a domestic airline or an international airline.
  2. Only Indian people are eligible for this rewards program.
  3. You can earn an unlimited amount but your referral code is eligible for one time per new user booking.
  4. You & your friend both can claim the referral amount after one successful booking.
  5. The referral amount will be transferred to both bank accounts after completing the journey/travel date.
  6. You & your friend both have to claim the referral amount within 30 days from the booking date. After 30 days, both are not eligible to claim the referral amount.

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